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Napa Valley Books
The web's most complete selection of books on Napa Valley cooking, wine, wineries, things to see and do
Napa Valley Photos
Radio Free Cuba
Cuban music by Cuban artists - 24 hours a day
Napa WineWalk
a guide to the many tasting sites in the city of Napa
Gulf Stream Shutdown
A metadirectory of information on the possible shutdown of the Gulf Stream
Signature website
Beyond Peak
A guide to self-sufficiency. Living sustainably with Peak Oil and economic collapse
Peak Oil Prep
Companion website to the book of the same name
Westsong Publishing


Westsong Publishing
The Napa Valley Book
The complete Napa Valley guide
Peak Oil Prep
Three things you can do to prepare for Peak Oil, climate change and economic collapse
Sustainable Living for Home, Neighborhood and Community
Save energy - save resources - save money - live better